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Food Tours as an Effective Client Marketing Strategy

a group of people sitting at a table

Food Tours as an Effective Client Marketing Strategy

If you get excited about client and event marketing like we do, you’re probably always looking for new ways to engage your customers, build loyalty, and further your team’s overall marketing goals. Client and executive dinners are undoubtedly effective marketing tools, but they’ve also been done.

A food tour for your business offers a fresh take on client event marketing, and it can be remarkably effective if done right. If you’re curious about what a food tour is and how they work at Triangle Food Tours, click here to learn more.

A food tour can help further your client marketing goals in a few key ways:

  • Offer dedicated time with your clientBetween Zoom meetings and phone calls, it can be difficult to really get to know your client and develop a relationship with them. A Triangle Food Tour offers 3 whole hours for you to interact with your clients, withoutdistractions. Although you may not spend those entire 3 hours talking about sales or products, you will have the opportunity to informally interact, build rapport, and deepen your client relationship. Tours can be a great a way to put business aside and share personal stories.

a table topped with plates of food on a plate

  • Shared experience → deeper relationships → stronger customer loyaltyTriangle Food Tours not only guarantee you dedicated time with your client, but they also offer the chance to learn, eat, and experience the unique culture of the Triangle together. Shared experience creates deeper, more meaningful relationships. And deeper, more meaningful relationships build loyalty. As you build relationships, you will see that clients take your calls, answer your emails, and have better odds of cross-sell and renewals.
    a group of people standing on a stage posing for the camera
  • Networking opportunitiesBeyond the attraction of experiencing the food and culture of the Triangle, you can also create an event thatoffers the opportunity to network with professional peers within your organization. It might also be a fun opportunity to pair up new and senior clients in a type of informal mentor activity. Tours can be an all-around great way to mingle and network.
  • Enhancing to other client eventsA Triangle Food Tour is a fun and dynamic add-on experience for planners who are hosting multi-day client events in the Triangle area, or who may be participating in trade shows or conventions.

a group of people sitting at a table in front of a crowd

Now that we’ve convinced you that food tours are a fresh and effective complement to your current client event strategy, here’s why Triangle Food Tours is a fantastic partner for your next event in the Triangle Region:

  • We have fantastic customer reviews! We have a five star rating and are #2 on Trip Advisors’s top Food & Drink in Raleigh.
  • We have corporate events expertise and can help you plan an event that meets your business objectives.
  • We offer both public and private tours. We are flexible and will work with you to create custom experiences for your group.

Click here to learn more about Triangle Food Tours and contact Jacquelyn about planning your next client event.